Can Insomnia be cured?

The current approach to insomnia

When someone is experiencing insomnia, it is a reflection of other ongoing issues that deserve attention in your life, and the expectation of fixing this problem only with medication for the most part is unrealistic, because we need to address all the underlying issues that are trigering and perpetuating your symptoms. Due to the fact that most physicians have a very busy schedule and they have to see close to 30 patients a day, they will not have the time required to really dive into and adress all the underlying barriers that prevent you from reaching restaurative sleep.

The holistic apporach to insomnia

By taking a holistic approach to insomnia, I will be able to spend hours to identify all the barriers that prevent you from reaching restorative sleep and develop an individualized and personalized plan that will address the fundamental issues. Our goal is to ultimately restore your sleep so we can gradually wean you off medication if at all possible. This approach requires both the client to invest in his or her health. This model will only work as a cash only basis